Bahamas – Ground system and Energy storage and management system

Year: 2020 Photovoltaic power: 1,500 kWp Energy storage system: 2,000 kWh


Ground-mounted photovoltaic system on a small island in the Bahamas, owned by a famous multinational operating in the entertainment sector.

The customer’s energy needs were thoroughly analyzed, through a detailed study of the load curves. On the basis of this analysis, the optimal sizes of the photovoltaic system and the energy storage system were defined, which allow the island to be independent from fossil energy sources, which before the project made up 100% of the island’s energy mix.

The storage system, in addition to allowing the storage of energy through lithium batteries, allows, thanks to the use of customized PMS (power management system) and BMS (battery management system) software, to monitor and optimize the energy flows deriving from the photovoltaic system, from the batteries, and from back-up diesel generators, and to form the electricity grid.

In the construction phase, numerous logistical and environmental challenges were faced and overcome, due to the geographical position of the project location.

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