Turnkey Design

Dimensione Energie offers a “turnkey” service.

Based on the analysis of energy loads, the customer’s needs are defined, and based on them the system is sized and designed.

We then take care of the operational phase of supplying materials and installation, as well as the administrative and bureaucratic procedures necessary for the entry into service of the plant.

Finally, Dimensione Ingenierie offers a monitoring and after-sales service, ensuring that the photovoltaic system always produces to its full potential.

We therefore take care of all aspects related to your system, offering you a complete “from A to Z” service, and above all the peace of mind of having a team of professionals working for you.

Technical and Administrative Assistance


Dimension Energie fully manages the set of practices that make up the process for the correct start-up of the photovoltaic system:

  • preparation of the documents relating to the connection application;
  • Administrative authorizations and Operating authorizations;
  • GSE practices;
  • functional testing practices after the construction of the plant;
  • the drafting of all necessary certifications (test certificates, warranty certificates, etc.).

Quality and Certifications


All the products chosen are accompanied by direct guarantees provided by the producers and certifications from international bodies, necessary for the traceability of the entire production chain.

Incentives for Renewable Energy


Thinking of building an energy future that takes into greater consideration the potential of resources with a lower environmental and social impact has led the rulers of the most advanced nations to promote renewable energy. This is an important step to reduce global pollution and the greenhouse effect.

Italy is in third place in Europe, after Germany and Spain and in fourth place in the world, after Japan for the production of energy generated from renewable solar sources (GSE data as of 31/12/2010).

In this panorama there is a growing trend in the demand for energy from renewable sources, which today already represents an important part of the energy needs of many countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The great revolution, now upon us, is represented by the evolution of accumulation systems which, driven by the progress of the Automotive sector, have reached very high levels of efficiency at very interesting prices, all to allow the storage and “intelligent” use of energy produced from alternative sources.

Recovery and Recycling

Dimensione Energie has always been attentive to respect for the environment and the territory. The D.M. 05 May 2012 (Article 11 paragraph 6), starting from 30 June 2012, determines the obligation of adherence – by the manufacturer of photovoltaic panels – to a system or consortium that guarantees the correct recycling of the panels. Pursuing the goal of achieving a Zero Impact energy production system, in February 2012, Dimensione Energie decides to join the European association PVCycle, a non-profit association that works in agreement with the major producers of photovoltaic panels. The aim is to ensure the recovery and correct recycling of all components to the final customer or user. Dimensione Energie was Collection Point, a free collection point for damaged or end-of-life photovoltaic panels, capable of responding to multiple needs, from small domestic systems to large systems.

We currently manage the entire supply chain from production to disposal in accordance with the most recent WEEE regulations.



Once the start-up operational phases have been completed, Dimensione Energie offers the added value of a prompt and accurate after-sales service:

  • remote control and monitoring of plant production with signaling via alarms in the event of a breakdown or malfunction;
  • interventions under warranty with immediate activation of intervention procedures;
  • scheduled inspections at the end of the intermediate milestones in the life of the plant;
  • technical and administrative management of regulatory adjustments and updates;
  • consultancy and analysis for any modifications or expansions of plants already in place;
  • performance analysis using specific instrumentation for tests on photovoltaic generators, as per CEI 82-25 standard;
  • Thermographic analysis;
  • I-V testing.

Integrated Design

A staff of professionals that deals with energies derived from: Solar Photovoltaic, Wind and Hydroelectric.

The development phases of the process are divided into:

  • technical-commercial inspection, with evaluation of criteria and costs considering:
    • power of the system to be built, according to consumption and customer needs;
    • configuration of usable surfaces;
    • exposure and constraints of usable surfaces;
  • preventive processing;
  • architectural and electrical feasibility study;
  • preliminary economic evaluation:
    • financial analysis,
    • Investment payback times,
    • warranty on installed products and plant productivity,
    • technical assistance,
    • additional services (productivity monitoring, damage insurance, etc.);
  • elaboration of the definitive offer.

The careful search for the best architectural insertion of the installation is the prerogative of Dimensione Energie, taking care of every technical-functional and aesthetic aspect. We also intervene on pre-existing systems to carry out structural improvements, re-positioning and implementations on performance and efficiency.

Service Bonus 110%

Dimensione Ingenierie offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of the 110% SUPERBONUS.

Contact us for additional information and to speak with a team ready to solve your needs!

Superbonus 110% – State of the art following the 2022 Budget

What is it?

The Superbonus is a tax relief introduced by the Relaunch Decree which raises the rate of deduction of expenses incurred for earthquake-resistant interventions and interventions related to improving the energy efficiency of buildings to 110%.

What interventions?

The Superbonus differentiates the interventions into two categories:

  1. Driving:
  • thermal insulation of the casings;
  • replacement of the winter air conditioning systems on the common areas;
  • replacement of winter air conditioning systems on single-family buildings or on property units of functionally independent multi-family buildings;
  • anti-seismic interventions.
  1. Trailed, which can be performed as part of the superbonus only if carried out together with at least one of the driving interventions:
  • thermal insulation of the casings;
  • energy efficiency interventions;
  • installation of photovoltaic solar systems;
  • installation of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles;
  • interventions aimed at eliminating architectural barriers.

To obtain the deduction it is necessary to ensure the improvement of at least 2 energy classes and, if this leap is not possible, it is still necessary to obtain the passage to the higher energy class. The APE (Energy Performance Certificate) issued by a qualified technician certifies the passage of the energy class.

How does the deduction work?

The deduction is recognized to the extent of 110%, to be divided into 5 annual installments of the same amount. If the expenses were made in 2022, the distribution takes place in 4 annual installments of the same amount.

As an alternative to the direct use of the deduction, it is possible to follow two paths:

  1. obtain an advance contribution in the form of a discount on the invoice from the suppliers of goods and services;
  2. opt for the assignment of the credit corresponding to the deduction due.

The 2022 Budget Law extended the discount on the invoice and the credit transfer for the Superbonus 110 until 31/12/2025.

Who is it for?

The incentive applies to interventions carried out by:

  1. apartment buildings;
  2. natural persons, outside the exercise of business activities, arts and professions, who own or hold the property object of the intervention;
  3. natural persons, outside the exercise of business activities, arts and professions, owners (or co-owners with other natural persons) of buildings consisting of 2 to 4 distinctly stacked real estate units;
  4. autonomous public housing institutes (Iacp) however named or other entities that meet the requirements of European legislation on “in house providing” on properties owned by them or managed on behalf of municipalities, used for public housing;
  5. housing cooperatives with undivided ownership on real estate owned by them and assigned in enjoyment to their own members;
  6. Onlus, voluntary associations and social promotion associations;
  7. amateur sports associations and clubs, limited to works intended solely for buildings or parts of buildings used as changing rooms.

Deadlines and extensions



Condominiums and multi-family buildings 110%


Condominiums and multi-family buildings 70%


Condominiums and multi-family buildings 65%


Persone Fisiche 110%

(SAL 30% al 30/06/2022)


IACP and shared ownership cooperatives 110%

(SAL 60% as of 30/06/2023)



Condominiums, non-profit organizations and individuals on buildings consisting of two to four real estate units:

  • 110% until 12/31/2023
  • 70% until 12/31/2024
  • 65% until 12/31/2025

Individuals on single-family buildings:

110% until 12/31/2022 provided that works have been carried out for at least 30% of the intervention as of 06/30/2022

IACP and cooperatives:

110% until 12/31/2023 provided that works have been carried out for at least 30% of the intervention as of 06/30/2023.