Key Largo Florida – Carport and Canopy Facilities

Year: 2021 Photovoltaic power: 576 kWp Type: rooftop, carport and canopy system

Solar plant with a total power of 576 kWp installed in seven different locations, serving the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, the wastewater treatment plant of the Keys Islands, in South Florida.

The power generation systems are mounted according to three types of installation:

  • On a pitched roof, serving the pumping stations located along the famous Overseas Highway, the iconic road between two seas that connects the Keys islands to Miami;
  • On the canopy, a leaner structure installed in a safe area for any liquid spills, specifically engineered to allow the convenient passage of maintenance vehicles. On the canopy, the panels are installed in an east-west direction, inclined by 5 degrees to the horizon; in this way, the objectives of obtaining high energy production, allowing the natural cleaning of the modules, and allowing a high structural resistance to wind are reconciled;
  • On the carport, a cantilever shelter that allows the shelter of cars and pick-ups, on which the panels are installed in an east-west direction, inclined by 5 degrees from the horizontal.

To protect them from the saltiness, due to the proximity of the installation sites to the ocean, and to ensure high structural stability, all the structures are made of stainless steel.

In addition, in accordance with Florida regulations, all structures are designed to withstand hurricanes and winds of up to 180 miles per hour (about 290 km/h).

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