Biella Inclined Lift

Inclined lift that connects the upper and lower parts of the city of Biella, joining the districts of Piano and Piazzo, which replaces the pre-existing nineteenth-century funicular.

The inclined lift of Biella is part of the redevelopment of the existing urban transport system built with the “Biella Piano – Biella Piazzo” funicular, built in 1885 and subsequently modernized several times up to the system currently in operation which was put into service following the reconnaissance visit carried out on 27 and 28 May 1975.

The needs of modernization and improvement of the quality of the service, in themselves very onerous if implemented on the existing funicular system, have also directed the technical performance evaluations towards other new types of systems, such as inclined lifts, which moreover in recent years have increasingly found applications in urban transport areas. The choice to direct the intervention to improve the quality of the service towards the replacement of the previous funicular with two inclined lift systems, was also greatly facilitated by the technical characteristics of the already existing line route, which adapts optimally, for consistency of the slope, straightness and length, with the ordinary characteristics of an inclined elevator system.

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