Feasibility study of the connection between the Sorrento railway station and the village of Sant'Agata sui due Golfi. In order to ensure full urban integration and minimize the visual impact of the work within the urban fabric of Sorrento, the urban section was designed underground. The solution was made possible thanks to the hybrid rope-self-propelled system, which guarantees minimal oscillations in the rail section and is therefore compatible with tunnel segments.

Connection via hybrid cable-car system between the historic center of Sorrento (the terminus station is planned to be connected to the existing Circumvesuviana railway station) and the village of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, in the Municipality of Massa Lubrense.

In order to minimize the aesthetic and environmental impact of the work within the densely man-made urban center of Sorrento, of immense landscape and cultural value, the urban section was designed in the tunnel. The hybrid system, in fact, in its rail section in which the vehicle oscillations are minor, allows the definition of segments in the tunnel. Depending on the design scenario, the emergence of the work from its underground section to the elevated one is provided by a vertical lift or by an inclined ramp.

The extra-urban stretch of castle towards the hilltop village of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi is instead provided by cable, in accordance with a traditional cableway system.

Electrified vehicles, which house air conditioning and ventilation systems, make it possible to deal efficiently with the problems of passenger comfort.

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