Genova – Gate

Design of the new Erzelli/Airport railway station of the Genoa-Ventimiglia line, and connection by means of a hybrid cable-car RopeTaxi system for the connection between the railway station and the airport passenger terminal. The complete stop of vehicles at the station, made technically possible by the innovative RopeTaxi system, guarantees full use of the system and comfortable boarding and disembarking even by passengers with luggage or strollers.

The GATE project consists of two distinct sub-projects:

  • the new railway stop of Erzelli / Aeroporto, located on the Genoa-Ventimiglia line, between the stations of Sestri Ponente and Cornigliano
  • the cable connection system between the new stop and the airport passenger terminal.

The solution adopted for the connection system is that of a cluster cableway to and fro with 10-seater vehicles, with a capacity of between 600 and 700 people per hour.

The system provides for the stop of the cabins at the station, to allow easy access and exit, even for passengers with reduced mobility.

By virtue of the transport needs, it is expected that the plant can operate for over 5,000 hours/year.

The technological solution adopted guarantees low operating and maintenance costs.

The project is part of a broader infrastructure investment framework that includes the modernization of the airport and the creation of the future intermodal airport hub (GATE 2 project), and in the future also the connection with the Erzelli settlement area.

The station buildings are designed to integrate perfectly with the existing airport terminal and the new railway station.

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